Le LBCM obtient un PHC avec le laboratoire Universitas Negeri Makassar (Indonésie) dans le cadre de l’appel NUSANTARA 2019As part of the NUSANTARA 2019 call for tender, LBCM is successful in accessing funding for a PHC with the Universitats Negeri Makassar research Lab (Indonesia).

Development of a biostimulant

The projet deals with the development of a sustainable liquid biostimulant extracted from Indonesia seaweeds to improve soil quality and crop production (corn). 

It aims to:

  • Develop sustainable liquid biostimulants extracted from Indonesian seaweeds, by selecting two marine species (Eucheuma and Sargassum) in collaboration with seaweeds producers and the Indonesian Seaweed Association
  • Improve soil quality, food production and corn (Zea mays) yields in a trial field supervised by the Cereal Crops Research Institute (Allepolea, Lau, Maros District, South Sulawesi).


At the economic level, the project aims to add value to important biomass such as Sargassum which remains largely unexploited, and to develop new products using Eucheuma species. The development of new high-value products especially in the agricultural or health sectors can be a real opportunity for socio-economic development of the algae industry.


An Indonesian partner, the soil microbiology laboratory Universitas Negeri Makassar

One of the Indonesian partners of this project is the soil microbiology laboratory Universitas Negeri Makassar. Research work carried out in this lab concerns mainly the influence of organic nitrification inhibitors and seaweed extract on corn growth, as well as the emission of greenhouse gases. The other partner is the Indonesian Seaweed Association.